Pitch Clip

d-Cubed-Pitc-ClipPitch Clip | Built-up retrofit framing system | Reduce labor costs

The Pitch Clip is a new and innovative clip design to help reduce labor costs of installing a built-up retrofit framing system for the new roof on an old flat roof structure.

This new clip comes with Markings for installing the Retrofit Metal Roof System to create roof pitches from 1/2 on 12 to 6 on 12 slopes.

The Pitch Clip has 3 basic components:
  1. The top section which has a stiffened support that is connected directly to the web of the steel roof purlin or the wood 2 x 4 roof stringer.
  2. The alignment notch, located directly under the purlin connector section, which is used to align the Pitch Clip with the top of the column or a string line on the column.
  3. The bottom section which is rotated to the desired roof pitch, clamped in place, then attached to the column.

Pitch-Clip-DCubed-1   Pitch-Clip-DCubed-2








Using the notch, align the Pitch Clip with the top of the column or string line and clamp into place. Then rotate the clip to the desired roof pitch and attach with two Stress-Less Retrofit Framing Fasteners.

Pitch-Clip-DCubed-3Pitch-Clip-DCubed-4Clip attached with two Stres-Less Retrofit framing fasteners.

Verify that the pitch of the clip is set at the desired roof pitch.  Follow the same procedure on the next column that is in the same line as the purlin run and continue down the entire run.  Then install the roof purlin to the Pitch Clip.

If you are looking to reduce your labor costs on a built-up retrofit framing system then the Pitch Clip is the tool you need!  Because of the Pitch Clip design - it can make your retrofit metal roof installation faster thus reducing your labor costs.

Please download our Pitch Clip Brochure Here.

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